Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Indianapolis Children's Museum Pt. 3 - Miniature Rooms

While this wasn't exactly a large exhibit, this was quite interesting.  What little girl isn't fascinated by doll house looking rooms?  These rooms were historically accurate of the eras or places they represented.
Megan liked them okay, but Laura loves this stuff.  She makes her own worlds often.  She loves little furniture and people and toys.  She spends hours creating her little worlds.
She was looking at each little room, trying to take pictures.  Taking pictures was a bit tough.  The glass tended to glare or sow reflections, ruining the beauty and wonder.  Capturing the exquisite details of these adorable rooms was tough.
A few of my pictures turned out nice... or passable.  Looking at this room, you would think it was a real room, not a scene made from doll furniture in an eighteen inch box.
I found myself just as fascinated as my eleven year old daughter.
I wonder if others are as amazed by the time that must have gone into this kind of detail.

Most of the rooms had a sign or banner of some sort to tell what the room was based on.  The following sign and room depicted a piece of George Washington's history.

Seeing these miniatures made me want to buy my girls a dollhouse.  However, the good ones are quite pricey.  Megan, being only four, might be a little rough on something like the delicate and detailed pieces above.

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